Seton Apartments (with Kaidan Popp)

Dorm Tour #2 from College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

I really appreciate the view out here. I love seeing Flynntown from here. It’s a little upper-deck view, so…

Hey guys, I’m Kaidan. I’m a senior here at CSBSJU. We’re currently in Flynntown, and I’m just going to show you guys around my Seton apartment.
I’ve only been living here for like two months or so, so not too long, but honestly, it’s been the nicest place I’ve lived at on campus.

There’s the key! so. Here we go!
All right, boys. I’ve got a guest here. These are all my roommates. I got five of them.

-How’s it going?
They’re just playing a little bit of Fall Guys. Don’t mind this, just a little bit of a pong table…

Yeah, we got posters up, that’s where our family photos are going to go.

Around here we got microwaves, appliances, we got the fridge. It’s all great. It takes up space. Works for us.

Over here we got this big, ah, bathroom. I don’t, we don’t use it too often, it’s pretty open, but it’s a nice space. We should use it more, honestly.

This is my bedroom. I like it. Put up a few too many posters, but you know, it happens sometimes. All my clothes and also a little too much of that as well.
And then these are my jerseys. I play soccer here at Saint John’s, so I love, love watching soccer. I love being a part of it.

This is my roommate Jack’s room. It’s pretty fun. He’s got a couple posters up. Then, if you follow me this way, we’re just going to head back upstairs. So downstairs we got the two bedrooms, the one bathroom, and then as you come upstairs, this is also really nice. These are all just waterproof stairs, so if anybody is stupid on campus, it makes it a little easier for clean-up.

We got two bedrooms here, we have two bedrooms there and then two more bathrooms. So each pair gets their own bathroom. It’s pretty nice.

Each space is relatively the same. These lofted beds, you can put up TVs, whatever you want.

And then, if you come over here, we got another one of my roommates. He’s a big hockey fan, also played for Minneapolis for a little bit.

And then if you come over here, these are my last two roommates’ bedrooms. I really appreciate the view out here. I love seeing Flynntown from here. It’s a little upper-deck view, so you can, you can take in everybody just hanging out downstairs.

And then, this is basically the same vibe. All pretty clean, just nice apartments, they were built about a year ago. So we’re really, really benefiting from it.

And then, got this big space, two couches. We usually have a TV here, so it makes it a little more of a space to hang out in, but right now it’s pretty open.

Well, yeah, that’s my place. That’s Flynntown, that’s Seton! Thanks for coming.

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