Fields Hall (with Kieurstyn Camacho)

Dorm Tour #3 from University of Portland

We’re in a double right now. As you see, there’s so much space here. It’s pretty huge for a double.

Hi everyone! I’m Kieurstyn Camacho. I’m a senior here at University of Portland. And let me show you my dorm room in Fields Hall. Let’s go.

Come on in. So this is my dorm room. We’re in a double right now. As you see, there’s so much space here. It’s pretty huge for a double. We got really tall ceilings, really big window, which I really, really like. And then we got, like, a bunch of storage here. And so I’ll start off kind of just like, in the front.

But this is my closet. I’ll just show you a little bit of what it’s like. Super huge. And it looks like a little drawer in here. And then I have like some shoes all over the place. But I also really like this because I’m able to put like, containers and just like, hide it a little bit. So that’s that.

And then I also have this hanging mirror, it’s super essential and then some like mine to kind of like give it a little sass or whatever. And then here, which is like one of my favorite places I have this photo wall of me and my roommate. This memories of like back home and just family and friends, which is a really good reminder, especially when you’re attending college far away from home.

And then over here we have my roommate. So, introduce yourself. I’m Isabella. Nice to meet you all. Yeah. And get it. So I just showing them my room, but basically where I was never hungry a little bit. We just kind of, like, have this necessity of a little microwave fridge and air fryer, and we just have a couple of snacks and then also just kind of going this way into the room.

We just have a lot of storage space there. So we literally hid all of our containers and put away the rest of the extra stuff that that we have up there. So yeah, I’m also in Air Force ROTC, and so Air Force ROTC has a lot of uniforms. So I’m able to kind of like section out the room.

This is all my uniform in here. And then I just have some other stuff in there as well. But I really like how I can just separate my normal clothes or something close to my uniform. And my roommate does the same. So it’s a really good idea. And then, um, so this is my roommate’s side and then this is my side.

So that’s my roommate’s desk. She got the window this year. Last year I had a window, so I just taking things a little bit, but this is a little bit of my side. And this is one that really hits home. So I’m from Guam and this is like the Seal of Guam or this is like what you see on the flag of Guam.

And so I really like it kind of just like I turn and I seem like, okay, I’ll give it a day and then let’s get going. Um, and then as you see, like the we like lifted our beds, my roommate did this as well. We had extra desks, so I was able to like put that on it and have more storage over here.

And then I have just a couple of more snacks and then also in here as well as a little bit extra clothes cuz a girl has a lot of clothes. – She needs it! – Yeah. Yeah. So and then I have this little tapestry up here. Super nice. I think I’ve used it ever since my freshman year of college. And so it’s kind of fun to kind of just end with that.

Um, and then over here have my desk now. And so I kind of, like, collected all these, like, pink things, which is like one of my things like that I have going on for me. Pink is my favorite color, but it’s kind of just like where I go to, like, seattle, vegas, new york, L.A. Having a lot of opportunities and just like, a little reminder of the opportunities that I’m able to have here.

And then I have this calendar. Super essential. Fall break is coming out, so I’m looking forward to it. But as you see, like production exams. So yeah. And then I also have these two pictures up here, and these are my two sisters. This one really hits home for me. They’re just kind of like my reminder. They’re my inspiration for doing a lot of things that I do here.

So I’m super happy that I’m just able to kind of look over my shoulder and see them as I’m doing my work because it can be stressful. And then as my roommate is doing her work, this is our couch. You want to talk a little bit about our couch? – Yeah. So she’s a little makeshift. We put together two beds that we have extra in the room and layered them on top of each other.

And we have another space to take a break from our homework and lie down, take a nap, maybe in the afternoon. But yeah, it’s super comfortable. Really fun. We just hang out here. – Yeah. And then as we’re doing work, we also have these, like, little inspiration quotes. This one is personally my favorite right here is kind of like, you got this and it’s a mirror.

Just kind of like reminding you that you got this and. Yeah. And then if we go this way, this is also our bathroom. And so we kind of we do actually share this with two other girls on the other side. Not going to show you their room. But yeah, also in here it’s super spacious. We have like this huge countertop, it was like.

Like as I’m doing or brushing my teeth, my roommate’s able to do her own makeup over here. So that’s super nice. And this is probably my favorite part, but like, just having like some storage space is super cool. We got like a lot. So my roommate and I just kind of like even it out. Um, yeah, that’s our bathroom and yeah. Favorite room so far in college and it’s a lot of space, but yeah, that’s my room.

And thank you for coming along. Bye!

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