Haggerty Hall (with Madeline Freed)

Dorm Tour #2 from University of Portland

We’ve really had so much fun making this space our own. We love to decorate.

Hi, my name is Maddie. I’m a junior at the University of Portland, and I’m going to take you to go see my room, over in Haggerty.

Alright, so, we are over in Haggerty Hall, which is upperclassmen apartments. I live in a six-bedroom, two-bathroom, with seven girls, so that means that there are six singles and a double. I live in the double. This is our living room. We love to chill here. Watch movies, watch TV, do game night, eat dinner, whatever you want to do with your friends, you name it, we love to do it just right here. This is our kitchen. I personally don’t cook all that much. I’m on a meal plan. But if cooking is your thing, then Haggerty is perfect for you. A lot of my roommates love to cook, so this is great down here. We also have coffee stations for the morning. That’s super nice.

So this some of you over here. This is our first bathroom, complete with a shower and bathtub. And then right up here is going to be we have our own washer and dryer, which is pretty cool, but super convenient. It’s definitely a perk of living in Haggerty Hall. Another perk of living in Haggerty Hall is, we are on campus, so my walk to class is genuinely like 2 minutes.

So now I’m going to go ahead, and take you upstairs.

Aljjl right. So now we are upstairs in my apartment, so I’m going to go ahead and show you the bathroom. It’s pretty simple. I share it with four other girls. We just have a mirror, a shower, a toilet. There is tons of storage. All these drawers. This even opens up to but plenty of space if you have a lot of skin care products like I do.

And next, I’m going to go ahead and show you my room.

All right. So this is where me and my wonderful roommate live. We love it here, we love our space. As you can see, it’s pretty open, airy. We each have our own bed, obviously, which comes with this floor. We have our own desk storage. We have our own closet. It is also Fall time here at the University of Portland, so we have started officially decorating and we also love our lights here. We’ve really had so much fun making this space our own. We love to decorate with posters. I have things on the wall. I have some pictures from my favorite band over here and also just some notes from my family. But we spend a lot of time in here. We even have our own mini fridge and our own little coffee station, but spend time here.

But we also really love the Anchor, which is a little lounge downstairs. UP throws open mics. We have hall events where everyone from the hall gets together and we eat down there. We study down there, but it’s a really great place where everyone can kinda gather and just be together.

But thank you so much for tuning in. This is my room at University Portland in Haggerty Hall. All right. Bye, guys.

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