Lund Family Hall (with Heather Calder)

Dorm Tour #1 from University of Portland

This is Teddy Bonesevelt, our skeleton. My roommate and I, Gwen, we’re both Nursing students.

Hi, everyone. I’m Heather, and I’m a student at the University of Portland. Let’s go take a tour of Lund Family Hall.

Come on, look inside. So we got to start off by talking about the elephant in the room… well, the skeleton in the room. This is Teddy Bonesevelt, our skeleton. My roommate and I, Gwen, we’re both Nursing students and for some of our classes, we needed to have a skeleton to demonstrate and practice on, so…. This is good old Teddy Bonesevelt, who we use for classes and modeling. And we have a ton of residents who come and use him all the time, study with him.

So,jj and the nice part about living in Lund is that every single room comes with its own sink. So we have a sink and then also a mirror, a vanity, and then it comes with a trash can and most of the furniture in here, so the beds and table and then both of those closets come with the room. But everything else you see in here, we kind of tweaked and made into our own, um, yeah.

And then we have this, well, our shrine, I guess, of our family. You know, we get a little homesick, every once in a while, so it’s nice to just have a picture of our family on here. And then… so most of the stuff on the wall, we both kind of picked ourselves and kind of turned it into our own little unique flair. So, I really like skiing, really into mountains. So I have a tapestry and the little mountain piece at the top, and then Gwen and I actually met in middle school, when we both were stationed overseas in Stuttgart with our family. And so, my parents thought it would be funny to give me like a little distance of how far away they actually are from me, so I have a little reminder of the trip I took from Germany all the way to Portland.

And then we also have, so all the pictures on the wall, Gwen did herself, and brought them in, including the one over there. And then we each have our own desk. I really like to study out in the corner and kind of have some fresh air and look out over Willamette, so I got big windows, so I can see out.

Um, what else… our fridge? Everywhere we go, we like to take… get a sticker so we can put it on our fridge and kind of remember all the little adventures that we’ve been on. So a lot of them are from activities that we’ve done a campus… Flavor PDX, which they’re doing in a few weeks, is a big event we do on campus. We got some stickers from them and just from all over, everywhere, from Switzerland to Oregon, to California, we have a ton of stickers.

And then, I like to have a little sofa in my room. I think it’s good to have a little space where all my friends can come and hang out and we can just kind of chill in the room. Oh, yeah. And then we have a mirror because, you know, in the morning we gotta make sure we’re looking good for classes and we have a big Portland sign on the wall just like, wanted to, to just kind of be cool and go with our Portland colors.

Yeah. And then we have a ton of just everything that you’ve got, from snacks, storage spaces and from Max Market on campus. The other cool thing about Lund is we have a really, really big lobby with foosball, pool table, a huge kitchen with a ton of appliances that we really like to go in there. We’ll do like family dinners with everyone in Lund and just go make a meal together.

So, yeah, thank you for coming and visiting my room.

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