Katharine Parker Hall (with Henry Boak)

Dorm Tour #5 from Hanover College

That’s really what sets my room apart from other people’s rooms, is that I’m not really afraid to display things that I like on my walls.

Hey, everybody. My name is Henry Boak. I am a junior here at Hanover College, in Hanover, Indiana. Today, I’m going to be showing you my dorm room, inside of Katharine Parker Hall. Let’s go.

All right, so here we are. This is my room in Katharine Parker Hall, built in 1964.

So, just to go over the little features here, the first thing you can kind of notice is that it is pretty much plastered in posters and paintings and flags and things that I enjoy. That’s really what sets my room apart from other people’s rooms, is that I’m not really afraid to display things that I like on my walls.

So first of all, we’re going to come over here. This is my full-service kitchen. Full service, and I mean, full service. I have a Keuring here, which is pretty much an essential for any college student, along with a drawer that I actually keep all of my K-Cups in. And then, microwave of course, this is what I use to cook various things in. And that’s also my vacuum and my trash can.

Here is kind of my entertainment area. Usually when I have the TV on, it’s on a fish tank or when it gets darker, maybe colder, I put a little fireplace on, even though it’s not real. I have my Nintendo Switch here and my GameCube, along with some special Gamecube games. And, you know, of course, the other thing that you can see is that I also really like a lot of other games.

This is my bed. I keep various snacks and things in here in this red bin. And then the rest is kind of used for storage. I have a pillow of my dog. His name is Rocket. He is a mini schnauzer, who I miss very dearly! And then, of course, my nightstand, where we have the lamp and where I can charge my watch and my phone when I go to sleep.

Here is this little chair that I do some reading in, or people can come and sit. It’s always nice to have that extra seating while you’re in the dorm room, because it’s just a room. Some people, some students have, you know, big living rooms, multiple units, multiple rooms inside their dorm. I only have this one space, so I kind of have to combine everything together.

Then going around, this is my desk, of course, fitted with a nifty Hanover College-sponsored background. So I play a lot of games here on my laptop. I do schoolwork here. Of course, pretty standard desk. I have a fan there and I have a lamp there and as well as some more decorations. Everything that’s in here has some sort of place.

So, you know, everything here, it comes from a certain part of my life that I want to remember and things that I really do love.

And then if you go over here, this is kind of the living room area. So I’ve got some LED light posts because we’re not actually allowed to put on the strips because they damage the paint. So especially when the room, it gets dark, when it’s nighttime, these really light up and light up the whole room. And then I have a couch here that does fold into a futon. I keep some shoes under there. And, of course, my coffee table, I’ve got some philosophical readings, because I’m a Philosophy major, that I look at regularly.

And then I have just some other decorations. A tissue box, of course, if you don’t have a tissue box in your room, this is your sign to get one. And then, of course, I have another dresser. This one is where I keep my shoes and some of my dirty laundry and some other things. And that one is where I keep most of my clothes, toiletries, or supplies, I guess, if that’s what you want to call it.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. I will say that another thing about my room that really sets it apart, that sets my room apart from other rooms is that this this room, actually, the floor is kind of this laminate floor. And, you know, it’s… this building was built in in ’64, so obviously there’s some wear and tear on it. So, over the summer, me and my dad decided to go searching for some carpet squares, that we found, so that I could lay out and pretty much make this really, really cool floor design, giving it more of a modern and kind of apartment-y feel, even though it’s a dorm room.

And then, of course, my favorite view, right out here. Sorry, the window’s kind of dirty, college student, you know, compared to some of the other buildings.

So, I love this room. I pretty much do everything in here. There’s pretty much, you can do anything in here. There’s lots of accommodations and whatnot. And it’s just filled with so many things that I love, and I’m really not afraid to kind of share those.

So, this has been my room tour. Again, Henry Boak, Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana. Thanks for checking out my room! Bye.

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