Lorton Village (with Vishwasri Aleti)

Dorm Tour #1 from The University of Tulsa

Let me show you my closet… so I said I have a lot of clothes. I have a lot of clothes! So it’s a full walk in-closet…

Hi, everyone, welcome to The University of Tulsa. My name is Vishwasri, I’m a senior here at TU, and I’m so excited to show you where I live. So I live in Lorton Village, which is one of the apartments at the very front of campus. And something really cool is that we’re next to this really big field over here that we call Chapman Commons or the New U.

And this is where all of our tailgating for football games happens. So it’s so convenient that I can just go across the street and enjoy all the tailgating activities. We actually have a football game on Saturday, so a few days away. So they’re already setting up, which is so fun and exciting.

And we actually have so many big free concerts, and TU students and college students in general, love the word free. So we’ve had Waka Flocka, Sean Kingston, The Driver Era, Plain White T’s, Swae Lee, and so many cool artists come to TU for free, that students get to enjoy. So it’s really cool that it’s right next to us.

So when I walk across here, where I’m going to show you where I live… And I live right next to the football field as well, so again, super convenient. That’s the football stadium right there. So I get to go across there, right like, right whenever there’s a football game and I get to enjoy it.

So let’s head inside. So all the apartments on campus are going to let you have your own room, which is really nice, and in our apartment, it’s already decorated for Christmas, which is really nice. When we walk in, we have a little area where my roommate and I put our keys and then first we have a really nice living room. We have a TV as well with like a little stand. And something so nice about our apartment is that we get so much natural sunlight from outside and we get a really pretty view of the sunrise every single day.

And then we actually never turn on our overhead lights because it’s already really bright. We also have a dining room, so this is where my roommate and I will eat. We also do a lot of homework over here and we have some plants that get a lot of light.

And then on this side we actually also have a sand volleyball court. So again, super convenient location and very fun. Like we get to do a lot of stuff around here. We like I said, we already decorated for Christmas, so I have some Christmas presents, we have a little tree and this sign says “this must be the place”, because that’s a quote that my roommate and I really like. So we got that neon sign where we put our stockings.

Right here we have a cute little mirror. So that’s where we always see like how we look and everything like that. And then over here, we have our first room. This is my roommate’s room. So it’s this is where she lives. And then she has a closet as well. The apartments all have a walk-in closet. I have a lot of clothes so you can see my closet.

And then over here we have our first bathroom. And it’s really big. It’s really spacious. We have a lot of storage space and it’s a full bathroom. So we have a shower, toilet and a vanity set and like, sink and everything.

And then when we walk across over here, we have a kitchen. I love to cook. So it’s really nice that we have a ton of cabinet space. We have the microwave already here, so that’s where we like cook everything together. And then all of the apartments on campus are going to have in-unit dryer and washer as well as some storage spaces. That’s where we put all of our cleaning supplies. Got our fridge as well. And then let me show you my room!

So this is my room. I have my bed, I have a little nightstand, got my desk as well. And then I have my little mirror. This is kind of where I see how I look and everything. Hi! And then I also have my own bathroom. So that’s how a lot of the apartments on campus are going to be. You’re gonna have your own bathroom.

So this is my bathroom. I like lights a lot. So I have lights set up over here and my little diffuser, so I would smell good and it always smells good in here. And then all the bathrooms are also going to have this really nice area where I can put all of my things. So I have a lot of stuff like skincare, like shower products, hair products, all of that. I have curly hair, so I need my shower products.

And then my room is super spacious, which is nice. So I have like a desk, I have a bedroom or I have a bed as well as a nightstand. Now let me show you my closet. So I said I have a lot of clothes. I have a lot of clothes! So it’s a full walk-in closet. I also leave my shoes over here and I also have like my purses and stuff like that. And then there’s a ton of storage space. So I have all of my winter clothes that are going to come out and then my summer clothes are over here.

But I hope you enjoyed it. I’m so excited to show you where I live and everything, so I hope you learned something and I hope you like The University of Tulsa. Bye!

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