Osprey Fountains (with Avery Blackwell)

Dorm Tour #3 from University of North Florida

Here’s the cabinet space, the closet area. Super nice. Some people even like, hang a curtain across…

Hey, everyone, I’m Avery here at the University of North Florida, and I’m going to show you inside my room at Fountains.

So, I’m Avery, and I’m an RA. And so what you’re looking at, and what you will be seeing in this video, is an RA room here at Fountains.

So we’re going to actually come this way into, basically, what is like the first room. This is the main door, and then here is like my kitchenette area. We have our full-size fridge, we have our own, like, counter space and sink, and then I created, like, this little shelf-cabinet-pantry thing to put all of my stuff. Kind of cool. And then I have some other stuff in here.

Then when we go through that, we go to, actually, the main room. This is where I set up my bed and I have a bunch of like, supplies and storage underneath. Here’s the cabinet space, like closet area. Super nice, some people even like hang a curtain across, to kind of keep it separate.

Then I have my desk and all of my stuff. I’m pretty organized, keep everything like, you know, in the shelves. There’s lots of space to put it. I I even, like, do a calendar.

And then we also get our own bathroom, which is really cool. Lots of, like, cabinet counter space. And then we have our own shower. And that’s pretty much it for the main area. Um, yeah, so that’s my room.

But another awesome thing that we have here at Fountains is we have a bunch different study rooms and bunch of things for us to do here. We have a thing called the Upper Deck, which is actually on my floor. It’s like our sports-themed study room, we have like a bunch of, like, flat screen TVs to watch games and throw parties. We have a thing called the Morgue, which is like our library study room. We have a thing called the Diner and like, the lights will glow, we got like a jukebox in there.

We also have, like, a convenience store, and we have a lazy river and a pool. Both outside of Fountains, it is, like, awesome. And on the weekends, people love to, like, throw parties out there, and it’s just a really fun time.

So yeah, that’s it, guys! Bye!

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