Osprey Cove (with Lesley Crichton)

Dorm Tour #2 from University of North Florida

We loft our beds really high up, for storage purposes. I can literally hide underneath here. I have a pillow and everything. It’s really silly‚Ķ

Hello, everybody. I’m Lesley and I’m a freshman at the University of North Florida. And I’ll show you around in my dorm room in Cove! Come with me!

We live on the third floor, and this is our dorm room.
So, we have a bathroom in this area. And it’s really nice. It’s really big. It’s comfortable because we live with three people.

Over here I have my roommate, Emma, who’s studying away. She’s a Psychology major, so she has a lot of work to do.

I have my bed over here, Emma’s bed, and my other roommate Vee (sp?) who is not currently here. This is my desk, which is separate, and I have two little parts to it, which is nice because I can rearrange it if I want to.

They have like a joint table, which is really fun, so they can kind of just move it if they wanted to. But they left it together because we like working together here.

We have a lot of storage, which is really cool. Each one of us has this huge section and we can put as much stuff as we want.
The drawers are actually bigger here than some of the other dorms, which is really nice. This area in general is probably one of the best dorms.

We have the best location because we have the pool right downstairs. We also have the game room.

We have a little kitchen area over here with a little planning board and our stuff. It’s really nice and convenient for people who like to cook. We don’t really cook in here, but you can if you want to. We mainly use it to store all this stuff and to wash the dishes, which is really nice.

So it’s pretty nice because it’s like a little apartment area, and we loft our beds really high up for storage purposes. I can literally hide underneath here. I have a pillow and everything. It’s really silly. My friends, they use it mainly for their storage. They put their clothes and stuff like that. We got a bunch of space here. It’s really nice. I was worried that they would be too small, but there’s a poster area which I love because I love posters. We decorated with bats and everything because we’re really excited for Halloween. I love Halloween!

The lighting is actually pretty nice. Usually some places have really strong lighting. We brought a lamp so that at night we can have a little cozy area. It’s really nice. But yeah, we have the pillows and the silly dog that my roommate brought. If you miss your pet, just bring them as a pillow instead. Isn’t that fun? But yeah, we have Dwayne Johnson as well. Still not sure why we have that.

But yeah, it’s really nice. And for my area, I feel like the table, the desk area is really large. We have this little section in which I hide my huge art bag and it just kind of sits there. I have my backpack over here, my little art supplies, because I’m an Art major.

And it’s really nice here, I think this area is probably the best. We have the food right near us. There’s a little pond area, with the ducks and the turtles.

This is a three-room-person thing, so we have three people. The other places have different amounts depending on where you live, but I think three is the perfect amount because I’m here with my high school best friends.

So for me this is probably the best experience I’ve had, and I feel like, I just really like the campus activities, the events are really nice. They’re pretty close by. This is a very convenient spot to live in, even for parking. And if you go down the road, there’s an Eco Adventure where you can paddleboard and you can get all the stuff, pretty much for free, which is really nice and I really like it there. So there’s a hiking trail I have to still go to.

But yeah, this is the best area because we have everything right near us and all the events are near us and everything’s really awesome!
So thank you and I hope you enjoyed looking at my dorm.

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