Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall (with Jada Cardine)

Dorm Tour #1 from University of Illinois

It says her vibe is pretty. So I like to have, like, a minimalistic look kind of for this… for my room this year.

Hey, everyone. My name is Jada Cardine. I’m a junior majoring in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology, and I’m going to show off my room today here at the University of Illinois, specifically in Pennsylvania Avenue residence, or PAR for short.

Yeah, here’s the outside of my door. We’re going to go ahead and check out the room.

So, here is my room. I’m gonna do a quick 360 first, so that everyone can see everything.

So first over here we have my desk area, which is where I like to do my homework, relax, just chill for a little bit, while I’m in my room.

Then over here is where I do, like, my makeup and everything, my hair.
All of my appliances are over here as well. And then we have, like, my kitchen area. Over here is where my microwave and mini fridge are, and I have snacks over there and my mirror is there as well.

And then we have some decor over here. I have my name up in the back and then, the saying right here, it says her vibe is pretty. So I like to have, like, a minimalistic look kind of for this… for my room this year.

And then I have like a little futon in the back for when my guests come by, when my friends come by and they want to hang out. They can just chill on the couch.

And then I have a space right here for some extra clothing and then, like, some of my purses and everything is right there.

I am the RA of this floor. So I have this room completely to myself, which is really nice because I like to have my own space and everything. So it was really nice that I got this room to myself.

And then again, over here, we have my TV and, like, entertainment area, which is really nice, so when I’m relaxing… it’s really nice.
And then my bed is right here.

So yeah, this is my room. Again, I am living in PAR, or Pennsylvania Avenue Residence for short.

We have great amenities here in the building. We have a market, or like a little convenience store. We have a dining hall downstairs. And the building is really nice. I’ve been living here for the past three years, so I’m pretty much an expert on everything in PAR.

So again, a little 360 of my room so that you all can see everything. That’s my table.

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my room, seeing what’s out here and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!

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