Allen Hall (with Molly Balmes)

Dorm Tour #2 from University of Illinois

And together we brought these lights, these little vines, just to make the room feel more open. And these lights over here, too. We don’t really like using the big lights.

Hi, everyone! I’m Molly, I’m a freshman at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and I’m about to show you my dorm room at Allen Hall. Let’s go.

So here we are at the room.
So we don’t have a ton of space, but my roommate and I really tried to optimize what we were given.
So, starting off in the corner, we have my closet, with an absolutely beautiful drawing that my friend did, of Lego Batman. We have a little post-it note up here too, reminding me that I love myself.

Opening up the closet, we can see that I do have a lot of space in here. I’m a fashion girl, so I have all the room for my favorite sweaters, shirts, all kinds of stuff.

Over here is the bed. I do have my bed at a mid-loft level. You can do it at the floor, mid-loft or the high-loft.

So I also have all my little stuffed animals, posters from my favorite movies and TV shows, I’m a big film buff. And we also have some blankets to keep warm, because it is pretty cold in Illinois in January.

Over here we have my desk area with more little trinkets. I love my little Smiskis and all just fun stuff that I found and collected over the years. But we also have an area for me to do my homework. It’s a great place for me to study because I have my lamp, I have my computer and everything ready to go, no distractions. The desk was also provided by the university, which is really nice.

So, in the middle, we have our little food prep area, we have a microwave and we have a mini fridge. It’s super nice to have both of these things in the room, but my roommate and I did buy these things.

We also have a couple more trinkets on top of the microwave, just because it’s fun and right in the middle of the room. We’ve got my little Christmas birds and we also have a signboard that we use to put quotes on. Right now it has a Taylor Swift quote on it. If you know, you know.

Over here, we have my roommate’s side of the room.

She has a similar taste of decorating that I do. So we did a lot of posters, fun stuff like that. And together we brought these lights, these little vines, just to make the room feel more open. And these lights over here, too. We don’t really like using the big lights, so there’s tons of lamps, different lights, stuff like that.

So Allen does have a communal laundry room and bathroom, but it’s really not that bad, I promise. The laundry room is in the basement and the bathrooms are on every floor, which is super nice. We also have a basement with a dining hall, which is super nice for when it’s so cold out here, I don’t have to walk to any other dorm or dining hall to get dinner, which is super nice.

We also hang out in the basement a lot, and there’s community rooms where you can show movies with your friends, you can just hang out, it’s great. Allen Hall, because it’s an LLC, also offers things like a pottery room, we have a DJ’s station, radio station in the basement, all sorts of fun things. If you want to try a new hobby or explore something new, Allen Hall has it for you.

So that is my dorm room at Allen Hall, in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Thanks for watching, everyone! Bye!

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