The Apartments (F) (with Xavier Velasquez)

Dorm Tour #2 from Tusculum University

Four bedrooms. Biggest guy here, so I get the big bedroom. And also, I’m the RA, the benefit of being hereā€¦

What’s up, everyone? My name is Xavier. I’m a sophomore here at Tusculum University, and I’m gonna show you my room in Apartment F.

Alright, this is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom. Me and my guys, we live here. It’s our living space, it’s where we hang out.
Sometimes I’ll bring my TV out. I play football here, so we watch football, college football, NFL.

We got the kitchen over here. Big dude, so I spend a lot of time in here.

We got our laundry room, free laundry, everything, you know you ain’t got to worry about anything, all you gotta do is buy soap and stuff.

We walk down the hall. We got four bedrooms. The biggest guy here, so I get the big bedroom. And also, I’m the RA, the benefit of being here. It’s kind of where I live. Big ol’ TV. My shoe collection. Got a shoe problem.

Yeah, man, it’s a nice little tight spot, I’ve got two beds to myself, you know, I’ve got to sleep comfortable.

You get two bathrooms. That one there but it’s my bathroom here. It’s a basic bathroom, toilet, shower, sink.

Going to one of the regular-sized rooms, so you get a little idea of what it looks like. It’s my guy Dom down here.

See what his room looks like. He’s a smaller dude, so he’s got a smaller bed.

Yeah, you know, you live here, you get to live with your friends, it’s like, living with your friends for free, you make memories here.
We don’t throw parties, because we’re a Presbyterian college, but you definitely have fun, you definitely hang out with all your guys.

And, this is my room, man, it’s definitely enjoyable. College is great, and this is Apartment F for you.

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