Upper Class Complex (with Angie Shenouda)

Dorm Tour #1 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas

So all you ladies watching, I want to show you something that’s super awesome. I use this for my skin care. So if you get a little mini-micro fridge, it’s awesome if you want for your skin care in here, instead of putting it in your fridge with your food.

Hey, everyone! Welcome to Dorm Tours. My name is Angie and I’m a senior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and I’m here to show you my
Upper Class Complex single room.

So right here, I have a little, really cool space to my dorm, which is couches. Those are where me, my friend, my friends like to sit, have some little
intimate conversations here. We have a beautiful view, a lot of really nice light.

Right here I have my little bookshelf, some of these are textbooks but a couple of them are magazines.
I’m a big Taylor Swift fan, so I got my Taylor Swift decorations here. Some really great storage space that we have overall in this room.

And this is my desk. This is where I do a lot of my homework. I spent so many nights just sitting here, like, trying to get stuff done. I got my calendar with my due dates on it.

So this is where I put all my clothes, all my shoes, Yeah, my whole, my mirror and my little frog. So every time I look in the mirror I kind of look at this frog and pretend that I’m him, and trying to embody that energy.

And right here is my mini fridge. Real important thing to have a mini fridge in college. I’ve got some snacks for when I’m hungry after some late night study sessions. I’ve got some vitamins. It’s important to keep taking vitamins, make sure you’re, you know, taking care of yourself.

Right here, we got a deck. Super cool, unique thing to have. When I need some sunshine, or maybe just some, like, fresh air this is my space. I really love it.

Right here I got some star lights. This is something that, like, fairy lights and just decorations that have a (indistinct) theme really calm me. That’s why, initially, the bed would be next to the window but I actually moved my bed over here because I feel like, being in theI feel like a little cozy, like in a little cozy nook type thing happening here.

I have a TV. One of the amazing things about the Upper Class Complex is that you have a TV, so often I’ll have little movie nights. Yeah, play some ASMR to sleep.

We got a bathroom, an amazing bathroom, because it has a full-sized shower. Awesome. I do share it with a suite mate. My suite mate is super sweet. Sweet mate.

We got a… oh, awesome. Here we have a full-sized bed. I didn’t get to talk about this. This is awesome. I know a lot of dorms don’t have full-sized
beds, so I’m super lucky. I’m able to stretch out, you know, really get to get comfy and rest is a really important part of my daily routine as a college student. So yeah, it’s one of my, my priorities is to make sure I have a bunch of pillows. I got my stuffed animals, my babies, I got my little froggy, capybara and my seal, that were gifted to me from my family.

Again, this is my space. I love to separate my study space from my, from my sleeping space because I feel like, a lot of times if my bed is next to my desk, I end up working more than sleeping. So I like to separate it, have my little Zen zone and yeah.

Another thing that I can talk about is that we have a sink here, we got a mirror. Awesome little area here. And I’ve got my little snail soap dispenser. But yeah!

Right here, I want to talk about, to all you ladies watching, I want to show you something that’s super awesome. I use this for my skin care. So if you get a little mini-micro fridge, it’s awesome if you want to put your skin care in here instead of putting it in your fridge with your food because I’ve noticed sometimes when you put your skin care in your mini fridge, with where you have food in it, kind of smells weird, so, get a separate little mini fridge, they’re not that expensive.

Yeah, this is, this is my room! Thank you so much for watching and yeah, bye! Have a great rest of your day!

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