Upper Class Complex (with Simon Pule)

Dorm Tour #2 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas

We also have a patio right here, out here overlooking the campus. Super nice view. Some of my hats that I’ve collected too…

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Dorm Tours. My name is Simon. I’m here in the Upper Class Complexat the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and I’m going to show you around my suite.

So, over here, we’ve got the living room setup. We’ve kind of got it situated in two different parts, the bedroom and the living area. I’ve got a bunch of artwork around the walls. It’s all from a NASA collection that I collected over a few years.

Right here, we’ve got the TV and I installed it myself but the room comes with a nightstand and all this stuff.
Lamps, just some board games.

I love board games. Got to love them. We’ve got the Switch there too, for those late nights where you don’t want to do any homework, but you just want to play some games. I’ve got a lot of mirrors around here, a nice little rug too.

We’re gonna take you along this way. Right here we’ve got a bathroom that I share with my suite mate. Nice and simple, but it’s a lot bigger than the other dorms, I must say.

And then going through here, we’ve got a lot of plants. Lights the, brightens the room up a little bit. Got a full sink, just for ourselves. A lot of mirrors. One of these paintings thatmy girlfriend painted me. We got a lot of rugs for the bath mats.

We also have a patio right here, out here overlooking the campus. Super nice view. Some of my hats that I’ve collected, too. Lot of them I thrift, along withsome artwork that I like to hang up.

And then over here we’ve got a full-sized bed. Now, compared to the other dorms, I must say, it is exquisite. Compared to a twin-sized bed, it’s a lot better. I like it up against the wall because the windows, in the morning, it helps to wake you up, right?

And I’ve got some more mirrors. Room comes with a nice big closet, I must say.
I keep a lot of my storage under my bed too. And then I’ve got a full gaming setup where I do a lot of my homework. As an Engineering student it is critical you have some kind of computer to do your work on. The chair that I’ve also thrifted.

And then coming back, my number one thing that I would recommend as a college student, is definitely especially as an Engineering student, a full-sized coffee machine. Let me tell you, the amount of nights I’ve had, drinking this whole thing. You know, I’ll brew, three, four cups of it in one go, and I’ll be sipping on it all night.

It’s simple as that. And, pretty much, that’s my Dorm Tour, guys. Thank you very much. Goodbye!

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