Wiley Hall (with Amelia Austin)

Dorm Tour #2 from Hanover College

Everything’s green-colored. I even have this moss hanging above me to really make me feel like I’m still in the woods…

Hey, guys. My name’s Amelia. I’m a senior here at Hanover College, and I live in Wiley Hall, and this is my dorm room!

So one thing that I really love about my dorm room is the fact that it reflects who I am as a person. I’m a huge lover of the outdoors. I love hiking on the trails on campus or studying in nature and being able to look outside and see everything that’s around me. And I really wanted my room to reflect that. So I’ve decorated it with tapestries, everything’s green-colored, I even have this moss hanging above me to really make me feel like I’m still in the woods. Another big thing that I love about my room is my study area over here, my desk, my little study carrel, where I have pencils, pens, textbooks for easy access, and even this calendar over here, all serve to make sure that I’m being as academic as possible. My calendar over here is actually really useful. I’m a super visual person, and so being able to have enough space to hang this giant sheet of paper on the wall and write down everything that I need to do this week, all of my events I need to attend, it’s something that’s really useful for me.

Another big thing of use in my room is my wardrobe right over here. I’m also a member of the Swim Team and so I love that my wardrobe is big enough that I’m able to attach command hooks on either side and dry my towels, my swimsuits, anything else that I might need for swimming this week.

This wardrobe’s also big enough to hold all of my outdoor equipment, which I have a lot of. But obviously the one big thing my room really needs to do is be a cozy and safe place for me to sleep. So I’ve hung a tapestry up here, I’ve decorated with pillows, and I’ve made it a really easy place for me to just lay down and take a nap or make sure that I’m getting a good night’s sleep before an exam.

I also want to be able to have visitors while I’m in my room. And so I have a bench over here as well as a futon for people to be able to come down and sit down and visit. I really like this bench right here because I’m able to hide all of my bed sheets or towels or anything else I might need, right here.

This Ottoman’s really useful and I definitely recommend it to anybody looking to decorate their dorm room. Another really big feature of my dorm room that I love is my bird feeder right here. I’ve hung it on the opposite window and so birds are able to come fly through and hop at my window while I’m sitting down studying, or I’m reading on my futon right over here.

Again, I just really wanted my room to feel like the forest, but also like a place where I can truly feel at home while I’m at college. But I think that’s about it. I think that’s about everything I have to show you guys.

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