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At Valpo, all the wide-ranging things that define you come together. You’ll reach your full potential. And you’ll do it with our total commitment to guide you, inspire you and bring out your absolute best. Our campus defines a culture where no one is left out. And our approach to hands-on, experiential learning gets you out of the classroom and into real life. The path you’ll travel at Valpo is exhilarating, to be sure. And one that’s full of personal, spiritual and professional growth. Every day is a chance to realize the “something bigger” you want to be a part of. Every day is a moment to imagine the world you want to live in. And, at the heart of it all, every day is a call to action to channel your passion — and then get out there and make an impact. We hope your journey leads you to us. Know that when you arrive — whether it’s for a campus visit, to start as a full-fledged student or a visit as an alumni — you’ll leave an impression on us, just as we hope to do with you.

About This Episode

Meet Valpo students, a professor who’s also an alumnus, and Valparaiso University’s new president as they share the story of a university with excellent academics, a vibrant community, and so much more. Check out the only solar furnace at a U.S. undergraduate institution, learn about the myriad ways students get involved, and discover how Valpo students are building the world they want to live in.
Valpo Segment 01 - Purpose Becomes Proof
Valpo Segment 02 - Local Community
Valpo Segment 03 - Campus Life
Valpo Segment 04 - We Are Beacons
Valpo Segment 05 - Something Bigger
Valpo Segment 06 - Rigorous Academics
Valpo Segment 07 - Get Involved
Valpo Segment 08 - Be Your Best You
Valpo Segment 09 - Our Total Commitment
Valpo Segment 10 - President's Vision
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