A Campus That Fits You with Alexis

Segment #10 from Northeastern Junior College


Let’s hear from Alexis, who came from Hawaii to attend NJC and major in animal and crop science. She graduated last year and is thriving at a four-year college. The family atmosphere that a small college like NJC enjoys can be the perfect fit for so many students, and it allows them to thrive and grow. Take it away, Alexis.

– Mahalo, Alex. Aloha, everyone. When it came time for me to choose a school to be my home, it was important to me that it not only had my major but a strong support system behind it as well. I found that at NJC, and I’d like to tell you about it. While there weren’t many opportunities for me to visit colleges with the whole me living in the middle of the ocean thing, I’m glad I visited NJC and found a friendly college that was truly invested in my academic success. They understood that someone’s success in college didn’t just mean what classes they took. It was also the environment they were in. In my first academic advising meeting, the agriculture department chair was inviting me to his ranch to work cattle, efficiently easing all my worries about being so far away from my family. Strong support from my professors encouraged me to get involved on campus, so I became a student ambassador and club president, where I was able to grow my connections and share my story with potential new Plainsmen. These campus positions grew my confidence and sense of belonging, which will serve me well in the future. NJC also supported me outside of academics with financial aid and industry opportunities. Through the generous support of alumni and Sterling community donors, a variety of scholarships are available to NJC students. This academic support allowed me to graduate debt-free and ready to complete my bachelor’s at a four-year university. While at Northeastern Junior College, I attended industry events, connected and worked with the local community, and participated in amazing internships. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I got to experience as a Plainsman, and I’ll carry them with me as I continue my journey academically and professionally. Back to you, Alex.

– Thanks, Alexis. Your work as a student ambassador and club president positively affected so many students and demonstrated the welcoming nature of this college. It’s also great to hear about the community support of the college and how it helps students. We are wishing you all the best at university, Alexis. Take care.

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