Nursing Program with Laryssa

Segment #9 from Northeastern Junior College


Okay, let’s hear from Laryssa, a sophomore who’s in the RN program who’s also working as a nurse in the Sterling Hospital. NJC has state-of-the-art labs and partners with local hospitals to provide hands-on clinical experiences for students. Many graduates start their medical careers right here at these hospitals, making a difference in these rural communities. Tell us more, Laryssa.

– Thanks, Alex. Hello, everyone. Growing up, I have always wanted to become a nurse. I found my passion for a career in nursing by watching what other nurses have done for me and my family in times of need. Having someone to care for you when you can’t take care of yourself is what motivates me to be successful in this program. Nursing requires a lot of classroom and practical learning. After growing knowledge in the classroom, NJC has a fantastic lab on campus with mannequins that allow us to apply what we are learning to a safe environment. They simulate all kinds of conditions, including delivering a baby, but they are so realistic that the lab can really make you feel like you are in the delivery room. In addition to the lab, the nursing program requires us to gain clinical experience across the spectrums of care at hospitals and care facilities across our region. It is a lot, but we have an amazing team of instructors who prepare us to succeed. The first and second-year students work together, which strengthens everybody’s knowledge with the goal of passing the exam to become a registered nurse. The instructors have all worked as nurses, so they truly understand the challenge of becoming a nurse. They support us with life skills, coaching, and mental preparation, and resilience training. It’s more than just the skills necessary to become a nurse. They’re preparing us to become compassionate caregivers. If you have a desire to become a nurse, NJC is right for you. The combination of a caring faculty and modern training equipment will help set you up for success, and I look forward to my career as a nurse. We need to practice some IVs. Alex, are you ready?

– Thanks, Laryssa. We know NJC is teaching you to be a fantastic nurse, but no needles today. Clearly, NJC focuses on the practical experiences you need to care for patients, and it is so exciting to hear about the focus on your resilience and mental preparation for this high-intensity work. Thanks again.

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