Academics / Research with Alexandra

Segment #6 from University of California, Merced


A big aloha to Alexandra, a junior from Honolulu, Hawaii, double majoring in public health and biological sciences with an emphasis on microbiology and immunology. Alexandra has embraced research opportunities and connected with like-minded peers. UC Merced is a renowned research university that sets students up for success with educational events and activities. Alexandra, please take it away.

– Thanks for the introduction, Alex. When I took my first biology course in high school, I knew I wanted to study biology in college. Choosing a university was difficult because I had no idea where to start. But after a long journey of research, I discovered UC Merced. UC Merced’s undergraduate biology program immerses students in various enriching learning environments from cell biology courses to the field of evolution and ecology. Nearly 1/5 of the student population here major in biological sciences, many of which take advantage of UC Merced’s Pre-Health Advising Services, which are open to all majors. I get to make many connections with students who share my passion for biological sciences. As a newly declared public health double major and peer health educator for the Health Promotion Office at UC Merced, I get to advocate for student health while also expanding my interest in the healthcare field. There are tons of research opportunities at UC Merced. I’m a member of a public health research lab that has taught me valuable skills like communication and exploration. I’m also a part of the Paleontology and Life Club where I’m greatly involved in learning various animal husbandry skills with reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. I’ve been mentored in insect specimen preparation and even fossil preparation in a real paleontology lab. At UC Merced, you’re set up for success. Various organizations such as the School of Natural Sciences host educational events and activities, such as career and internship fairs, career mixers, and resume workshops. When I first started college, I never imagined that I would learn and experience so much. I’m not only learning research and lab skills, but also how to make new connections and lifelong friendships while working towards my dreams. And that’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

Mahalo, Alexandra. UC Merced is a diverse and thriving academic community that prioritizes student success. No matter your field, the research and academic opportunities know no end. UC Merced is recognized as the number three public university in California by “The Wall Street Journal” and it’s easy to see why. Cheers, Alexandra.

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