Student Clubs with Letha

Segment #7 from University of California, Merced


Let’s meet Letha, a sophomore majoring in psychology from Barstow, California. She’s about to share her remarkable UC Merced journey, where an abundance of resources and a supportive community have been integral to her growth. At UC Merced, getting involved on campus provides not only safe spaces but also fosters connections and community engagement. Over to you, Letha! Tell us more.

– Thanks for the introduction, Alex. When I was considering on where I wanted to go for college, I had my heart set on finding somewhere with the proper resources and a supportive community, and I was lucky enough to find that here at University of California, Merced. Student clubs are a perfect way to discover new people, new experiences, and new opportunities. There are tons of organizations that span across different interests and goals, from networking to dancing. I’m a member of the Black Student Coalition, or BSC. This organization was founded by students with the intention to create a safe space for Black students on campus with an emphasis on mental health. This particular club has allowed me to find a welcoming community that I lacked in my hometown. I’ve also been given the opportunity to connect with different organizations and faculty, be a part of events that bring together both UC Merced students and the Merced community as a whole, and become a more professional individual. BSC and other organizations on campus host events throughout the year that help students de-stress, build community, and have fun. There are many free events where we have live music, student performances, and local vendors. We even host a flea market where we invite local vendors from all over Central Valley to sell their items on campus. At these events, we see people come together and truly support one another, which is so awesome to see happen outside of the classroom. Being a student here, I learned that there are so many different resources and opportunities. Students are prioritized, and the efforts are made to make sure that students feel connected and supported. That’s all for me. Back to you, Alex.

– A heartfelt thank you to Letha for sharing her story. It’s essential to highlight UC Merced’s steadfast support for affinity groups with offerings such as the AFRO Hall Living Learning Community, a testament to their commitment to fostering inclusivity and community connections. UC Merced truly stands as a place where dreams thrive. Cheers, Letha.

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