Access to Education

Segment #2 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


I wanna introduce you to Ryder, double majoring in marketing and international business. He’s gonna tell us how he’s been putting his financial aid and scholarships to use. One of the biggest factors in the college decision making process is cost. At UNLV, you can access quality education and be confident that your degree won’t burden you with debt. Ryder, take it away.

Thanks Alex. Welcome future Rebels. I always knew I wanted to go to college, but I was unsure on how to afford it. I wanted to develop myself and my interests, but not break my bank. At UNLV, I’ve been able to do just that and so much more. Here at UNLV, I’ve been able to do anything that I set my mind to, thanks to the amazing scholarships and financial aid that the university offers. From founding my own fraternity, competing in national competitions, and traveling the world, UNLV has given me the resources to make my dreams a reality, my biggest dream being studying abroad. I spent a semester in the beautiful Viterbo, Italy where I was able to learn another language, eat as much pasta as I could, and experience life as a local Italian, all while expanding my perspectives and earning college credit. I couldn’t get enough, so I studied abroad two more times in the summer of my senior year in Verona, Reggio Amelia, and Torino, Italy. Finishing a minor in Italian studies, I was able to explore the entire Italian boot and stay debt free. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but UNLV really does make incredible education like this possible. With an R1 distinction, UNLV has been recognized as a top tier research institution. This high quality education is offered at an accessible cost with both merit and need-based scholarships that are renewable for four years and are even stackable. So if you wanna get the most out of your collegiate experience without breaking the bank, just know that most UNLV students receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, work study, and loans. If you do choose to become a Rebel, don’t be afraid to dream big because at UNLV, we make it happen. Alex, back to you.

Wow, Ryder. Your study abroad experiences in Italy, fantastico, and it’s great that you’ve been able to take full advantage of the generous financial aid and scholarships at UNLV. The opportunities you’ve had at UNLV certainly set you up for success. 

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