Adventure Beyond the Neon Lights

Segment #3 from University of Nevada, Las Vegas


I’m excited for you to meet Kian. He’s a medical student at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV. Las Vegas is his hometown and he can tell you there’s much more to do here than see a show on the Las Vegas strip. There’s a whole different world outside the city limits. Take it away, Kian.

Thanks, Alex. Hey everyone. Let me tell you about some of my favorite things about UNLV. Being born and raised in Las Vegas, I’ve learned so much about the city and all that it has to offer. UNLV has been the perfect place for me to have a rich college experience filled with adventure and entertainment. UNLV allows me to balance my heavy workload as a medical student and still enjoy life to the fullest. We’re just two miles away from the Las Vegas strip, a mile away from an international airport, and most importantly for me, just a short distance away from a massive variety of mountains, canyons, and trails. Las Vegas is the perfect setting for a rich outdoor life. Whether mountain biking along hundreds of miles of trails, rock climbing in the slot canyons of Red Rock, running in one of the many races in Las Vegas, paddleboarding along the Colorado River, or soaking in some hot springs, the over 300 days of sunshine annually in Las Vegas make these activities possible year round. If you’ve never experienced some of these outdoor activities, don’t worry. UNLV Outdoor Adventures host more than 20 trips a year where you can learn more about these places and meet people with those same interests. Oh, there’s also the Las Vegas strip. I love grabbing lunch in the culinary haven that is downtown and then spending the evening on the Strip with a comedy show, musical, concert, or whatever else I feel like doing. I would’ve never imagined that I could be achieving my dream of becoming a doctor while still having the life balance I have now. I have the convenience and the breadth of opportunities of Las Vegas to thank for that, and that’s why I love UNLV and Las Vegas so much. Now, back to you, Alex.

You sure are adventurous, Kian. In the beautiful Las Vegas weather with more than 300 days of sunshine each year, getting outside in nature sounds like a great way to take a break from studying. I’d love to go rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon. Please sign me up for one of those amazing outdoor adventures. 

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