Access to Innovators with Ivana

Segment #8 from High Point University


Meet Ivana, a young entrepreneur and pharmacy major from Jamestown, North Carolina. HPU offers a one of a kind initiative for their students. The Access to Innovators program, it brings recognizable leaders from an array of industries to campus to work directly with students. Ivana created a product and pitched it to one of HPU’s innovators, and the rest is history. Ivana, please share your story.

– Thanks, Alex. Choosing a college was an incredibly daunting task. I had too many interests and no specific job title or career that fit just right with what I like to do. I knew that when selecting a university, I’d need to pick a place where I could learn about myself with flexibility in what I learned and how I practiced my skills. Through the help, support, and hands-on investment from this university, and the Access To Innovators program. I didn’t come into pharmacy school knowing that I would study entrepreneurship, make my own product, and build a business, but after meeting professors that encouraged my interests, I realized I could take my love of creating value for others and pair it with a graduate degree. HPU’s Access To Innovators program brings over 50 thought leaders, industry game changers, and inspiring individuals tied to top tier, well-known companies straight to campus to work with students. These worldwide leaders mentor us students personally about what it’s like being in their shoes on a day-to-day basis and how they got to where they are. Innovators such as Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix. Cynt Marshall, the CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. And Dee Ann Turner, a former talent executive at Chick-fil-A regularly engage with students on campus. These renowned innovators listen to our challenges and accomplishments to provide candid, unfiltered, personal advice to help us grow. I’ve developed a very close relationship with Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix. He’s our entrepreneur in residence, and I’ve pitched my product to him multiple times for his feedback and guidance. He’s given me the tips and tricks to bring it to life. Being able to match my passion with my coursework has helped me discover who I truly am, and made me into an amazing future pharmacist and entrepreneur. That’s all from me. Back to you, Alex.

– What an incredible journey. You have made the most of your time at HPU and founding passions. The mentorship you received was critical to your professional development and success. Now the program continues to grow and changes and inspires the lives of thousands of students each year. Unbelievable, thanks again, Ivana.

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