HPU’s Tuition-Free Master’s Degree with Grant

Segment #7 from High Point University


Time to meet Grant, a graduate student getting his Master’s Degree in Communication and Business Leadership. Just when you thought this place couldn’t get any better, think again. HPU showcases their academic innovation once more. Get this, they have pioneered the tuition-free master’s degree for their students. That’s right, tuition-free. Tell us more, Grant.

– Thanks Alex. During my time in undergrad, I took advantage of many opportunities to get involved, lead and expand my network with everything that HPU has to offer. Their tuition free master’s program topped off my experience. After graduating from the School of Communication with a journalism degree, I jumped right into the tuition-free Communication and Business Leadership Master’s program and have already learned so much in my short time. Most of the classes in the program are practical, and the skills transfer very easily. In my Leadership In The Law class, I was able to present a product’s legal implications to a board. I’ve also learned tactics that make me a stronger leader and a more valued team player. The best part about it is that I can continue my fantastic undergrad experience because HPU allows me to live on campus, eat at our dining locations, and take part in all the fun activities the school has to offer. Where else can you get an opportunity like this, and if you apply Early Decision, you not only get access to one tuition-free master’s program where you get to choose from a list of 10 master’s programs. Imagine beginning life after college with your MBA or your Master’s in Healthcare Management, Biomedical Sciences, Communication and Business Leadership, Educational Leadership, and many more. You pay $0 in tuition for a degree that costs anywhere between 40,000 and $80,000. I know that I will be ahead of the curve compared to most college students because of the skills and culture here at HPU. My leadership, work ethic, and passion for journalism have become stronger because of HPU’s dedication to excellence and the amazing people who make up our campus community. Back to you, Alex.

– Your program sounds incredible and I’m not surprised that so many students have taken advantage of this. This program is preparing students from any undergraduate background and giving them executive education, which is why 100% of them have gotten jobs within 180 days of graduating. Absolutely incredible. Thanks again, Grant.

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