Caring Campus Culture with Sophia

Segment #6 from High Point University


Let’s talk to Sophia, a sophomore biology major and finance minor from Las Vegas, Nevada. Sophia felt the impact of HPU’s caring environment. At High Point University, every student is promised to be surrounded by caring people. Let’s go, Sophia.

– Thanks Alex. Growing up I always knew that I wanted to go to a school that was strongly God-oriented, family-oriented, and more importantly, filled with people who truly cared about me. I found all of that at High Point University. You’ll see HPU’s caring culture in many ways. Our campus kiosks are a great example of a daily sign of care for students. We set up stations early in the morning all across campus. They’re stocked with grab and go breakfast items, drinks, and more importantly, caring staff who will give you a smile and a pep talk along with your morning muffin. Another example, what if you get sick? When it happens, it’s a stress on both you and your parents, but HPU goes the extra mile for students in need. We have a full-time on-campus health facility along with a full-time doctor. And getting there, all you have to do is call our on-campus security, and they’ll drive you straight to the door, they’re the best. From the crossing guards to the officers working all campus entry points, they work around the clock to protect our campus and care for students. You may be far from home, but at HPU you are never far from family. I toured many colleges, but my heart was set on attending HPU because of the genuine caring people. Whether it’s faculty, staff, or fellow classmates, everyone at HPU always has a smile on their face. Students are excited to learn. Faculty are thrilled to mentor and parents are proud, knowing that their children are in an environment where kindness and care are insured everywhere. I’m proud to say I fulfilled the dream, and became a Panther at High Point University. Thanks for letting me share my take. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Sophia, I’m so glad you found a home away from home. For parents, it’s reassuring to know someone is there for you. HPU has so many caring people who serve as mentors or just someone that puts a smile on your face. Absolutely amazing, thanks again.

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