Adult Learning with Cydni

Segment #7 from Shaw University


Cydni says that Shaw University is a great place for lifelong learners. She’s going to share her experiences as a freshman adult learner, or non-traditional student, who’s majoring in business and African American history. This coffee entrepreneur shares her take, too, on what it means and how to succeed on campus as an adult student. Tell us more, Cydni.

– Thanks, Desi. After my first year of undergrad at a different university, I decided to take a gap year that turned into a gap decade, where I found myself at the bottom of a coffee mug and behind a camera lens. With the constant support of my family, especially my older brother, I was inspired to pursue my degree. Their encouragement, along with guidance from my advisor, allowed me to cultivate a new support system within the Shaw community. Both the dedicated staff and my fellow students have played an invaluable role in my journey. Becoming a student again was not without its difficulties, but Shaw provided me the necessary support to overcome each obstacle. From brushing up on algebra to balancing work commitments, I found all the resources I needed to stay focused. Initially, my goal was simply to complete my degree. However, thought-provoking history and sociology classes at Shaw ignited new ambition, and now I aspire to pursue advanced degrees. Shaw University is the ideal destination for a successful career pivot. With online classes, supportive advisors, and subsidized certifications, you can enrich your resume and upgrade your current job. Our career services team will guide you through the internship process and connect you with employers at numerous job fairs. As an African American history and business major and a coffee entrepreneur, I can’t help but be inspired by the remarkable story of Alethia Tanner. She used her food-based business to emancipate herself and 23 others and even establish a school. Hearing about individuals like her reminds me that starting over doesn’t mean starting from scratch. At Shaw University, you’ll find the perfect environment to reset and soar with unwavering support and endless inspiration. Back to you, Desi.

– Thank you, Cydni. It just goes to show that everyone has the ability to be a lifelong learner, even if it means going back to the basics. And kudos to you for taking advantage of Shaw University’s campus resources and Career Center to help guide your academic journey.

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