Athletics with Devin

Segment #8 from Shaw University


Meet Devin, a junior mass communication major and kicker for the Shaw University football team. Hear how he turned a challenge into a triumph after suffering an injury that threatened to end his athletic dreams. The resources and support he received both on and off the field nurtured his recovery and helped to develop his leadership skills. Tell us more about your story, Devin.

– Thanks, Desi. Ever since high school, I’ve been a big footballer. So when I got the opportunity to play for the Shaw University Bears, I jumped at the chance. As a freshman, I was selected as CIAA All-Rookie Team kicker. By my sophomore year, I was given more responsibilities on the team, but I suffered an injury in my dominant leg. My coaches here at Shaw never gave up on me; instead, they taught me that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. By the end of the 2022 season, I became the only kicker in the CIAA to record points kicking with both legs. Being a member of the Shaw athletic program has been the highlight of my time here. Not only has it been fun, but I’ve gotten to be part of such a strong community of athletes. We all know each other by name and we support one another to the fullest on the field or court and in the classroom. Leadership has always come naturally to me, and the values that I’ve learned through being a student athlete at Shaw have empowered me to continue down that leadership path. I currently serve as the president of the Creative Cubs, an organization that provides an outlet for all the creatives at Shaw. Whether you’re a writer, artist, photographer, or a musician, the Creative Cubs let their creativity shine. My time as a Shaw University Bear has helped me become a better person. The things I’ve learned here, I’ll keep with me for the rest of my life, like how to make the most out of every situation and knowing that I can achieve any goal I set my mind to. Go Bears And back to you, Desi.

– Way to go. And keep letting your creativity shine. Devin. What an important lesson about the power of athletics to build leadership and character, and also a testament to the incredible strength forged by community and connection. Thanks for sharing your story, Devin.

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