Alumni Support with Jordan

Segment #7 from Collin College


Let’s connect with alumni, Jordan, who will tell us more about her nursing school journey. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is actually one of four baccalaureate degrees Collin College offers, and the BSN degree is all done online. With a growing list of bachelor degree offerings, students like Jordan can complete a four-year degree here at Collin College, not to mention at Collin College tuition rates. Jordan, please take it away.

– Thank you, Alex. Hey, everyone. At an early age, my parents imparted the importance of a college education, indicting me toward Collin College to start my journey. Just like most students, I expected to begin college after graduating from high school at 18. However, with some unforeseen changes, I began attending Collin College sooner than expected, and the best part, experiencing this journey with my twin brother, Jordan. Collin College prides itself on providing affordable and attainable educational opportunities. Through the college’s dual credit program, I earned college credits as a homeschool student at 16. I knew I wanted to use my love of science to help others, so I pursued and successfully completed the college’s nursing program four years later. Collin support didn’t stop there. I knew I wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree, and it was a no-brainer when I found out I could continue at Collin College to achieve that. With low-cost tuition, flexibility, and on-campus support, the decision was easy. The college’s RN-BSN program is online, offering working nurses the flexibility to complete their bachelor’s degree while pursuing their professional and family lives. I still get access to industry-like simulation labs and one-on-ones with a dedicated faculty. In addition to essential nursing skills, I learned to advance the profession through collaboration and research. As a Collin College alumna, I have access to networking and professional development events that have assisted me in my career growth. Collin called for me to work as a nurse and to function as a leader in my department. I work at a local hospital, providing bedside care and leading unit projects. With Collin College’s commitment and abundant support to their students, Jerry and I successfully graduated and are building a fruitful career in nursing. Back to you, Alex.

– How cool is it that you got to experience this journey with your twin brother, Jordan? Collin College Nursing has been named a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education for more than a decade, and prides itself in providing the resources to shape competitive and prepared nurses just like Jordan. Thanks again for sharing.

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