Collin College Athletics with Alisha

Segment #8 from Collin College


Let’s kick it up a notch and get insight from a Collin College athlete about her journey. Alisha, a high-performing athlete dribbled her way onto the scene, seeking a promising career and an environment that would embrace her love for basketball. Collin College accepted the challenge. Alicia, it’s game time.

– Thanks, Alex. What’s up, y’all? When it came down to choosing the right college to attend, it was a challenge. I envisioned myself playing D1 basketball right after high school, but when it came to the last two months of my senior year, the offers were not where I wanted them to be. But after speaking with the coaches here at Collin College, the visit left me thrilled to finalize my decision. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the opportunities Collin College provides. I have learned a lot about myself and enjoyed the process of seeing myself grow not only as an athlete, but as an individual as well. The staff and professors are very supportive of their students and make sure they are on the right track for success no matter what major you decide to pursue. Collin College offers many degrees and courses that people want to pursue. For me, I am pursuing kinesiology so that later on in life, I can continue my passion with sports and be a coach. Collin College has many clubs, organizations, and athletics like basketball and tennis with the potential of adding more sports in the future. Our women’s basketball team has been a major impact for our sports group, especially for how far we came and how far we are continuing to go. We are blessed to have the support system Collin upholds for us. Collin College has truly impacted me as a person. Being a student-athlete has been an important experience. I have learned the importance of time management and discipline. Being here at Collin College is a blessing from God. Best believe my freshman year here at Collin is the beginning step of my future and destiny. That’s all for me, Alex. Take it back.

– What a throw, Alisha. It’s so great to get a college athlete’s point of view. And did you know that Collin College is expanding its athletics offerings to include golf, e-sports, and volleyball? The new athletics programs will join Collin’s nationally-ranked basketball and tennis programs. Alicia, keep up the great work on and off the court. Thanks again for sharing your story.

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