Faculty and Staff Support with Amrita

Segment #9 from Collin College


We continue our journey at the Technical Campus with Amrita, here to share what makes Collin such a great community college. The college provides ample student services and resources to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment. Each campus has a resource center that helps students adjust to life beyond high school. Amrita, it’s your time to shine. Take it away.

– Thanks, Alex. Hi, guys. While getting my high school education and exploring what I want to pursue when I get older, having opportunities matters to me. Through my counselor, I found out that Collin College partnered with my high school to offer students an associate’s degree program in business, and dual credit classes while concurrently earning a high school diploma. You can really tell Collin College cares for its students. They offer mental health resources, a writing and math center with tutors available throughout the whole week, cultural events to celebrate diversity on campus, and so much more. Collin College offers a wide range of two-year degrees and programs. And taking these classes at Collin College saves you a ton of money. In addition to the wide academic support Collin College offers, there’s so much community support for students. In the beginning and end of every semester, Collin College has a week filled with goodies for students, ranging from donuts with the deans to having therapy dogs in the library during de-stress week when we all have our final exams. I feel really lucky to get these privileges, and it just goes to show how caring the Cougar community is. At Collin College, there’s a welcoming community of staff and students, and everyone is so kind and positive. I had no problem making friends with other students and even some of my previous professors. The small class sizes really help us get proper attention from our professors and really connect in class. So what I’ve learned from my time at Collin College is how to become a great student and member of my community. So wherever my future academic journey takes me, I know I can thank Collin College for giving me a star and wonderful background as a Cougar. Back to you, Alex.

– From mental health counseling, resourceful career centers, and free-of-charge tutoring to empower student engagement, supportive professors, and small classroom settings. And Rita, you’ve touched on many benefits of attending a community college. I think we’re off to a great school year. Thank you for your Cougar insight.

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