Arts & Humanities

Segment #11 from The University of Texas at San Antonio


Meet Juan, a music major in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts and head drum major for UTSA’s Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band. He’s gonna share a bit more about what UTSA has to offer for students interested in the arts and humanities. It’s time to strike up the band. You’re on, Juan.


– Hey, everyone. I’ve known since I was in the third grade that I wanted to be involved in music, and in high school, that’s when I decided to make this passion my college major. UTSA is known for its outstanding music program, so I knew it was the place for me. Now, I’m so proud to represent UTSA as the head drum major for the Spirit of San Antonio Marching Band. UTSA is a major provider of arts and humanities programming in San Antonio. There are always concerts or exhibitions happening on campus and you don’t have to be a music major like me to get involved. UTSA has multiple music ensembles, dance clubs, and so many other opportunities that allow students and all majors to express ourselves through our talent in the creative, literary and performing arts. In addition to arts programming, UTSA has a strong focus on the humanities. And through the university core curriculum, all Roadrunners receive a well-rounded education and strong foundation in communication, history and those other disciplines that seek to understand and celebrate the human experience. What I love most about this university is how accepting and diverse it is. I have developed relationships with so many people, including my professors who are always helpful and ready to guide me down the right path. That’s especially meaningful to me as a first-generation college student. My parents had me at the age of 16 and 18, and they never graduated high school. Throughout my educational journey, my background and that of my parents has kept me motivated to continue to be successful and push forward. After graduation, I hope to becoming band director and inspire my students by reminding them that there are always people willing to help them achieve their goals. That’s my story. Now, back to you, Alex.


– Juan, I love that you’re pursuing your passion for music. UTSA has so many opportunities for students to cultivate and express their talents in the creative, literary and performing arts. Whether or not they choose to pursue a career in the arts, you’ll make a terrific band director. Best of luck, Juan.

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