Segment #4 from Xavier University of Louisiana


As part of the overall development of its students, Xavier provides a balanced athletic and recreational sports program. Let’s meet Adrian, a senior chemistry pre-med major and athlete here to give us insight into the athletics program and his experience on the track team. Tell us all about it Adrian.

Thanks, Desi. Both of my parents are HBCU graduates so at an early age I understood I could prosper and succeed wherever I decided to go to college especially on the grounds of an HBCU campus. When I first visited Xavier I quickly saw them electrifying culture including the family like atmosphere, the academic resources, the food and athletics. I was able to attend a basketball game where I met the head coach of track and field. Like any other student, I need an escape from the academic world and running cross country and track granted me that wish. Xavier’s a part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Champions of Character Program. This program’s mission is to change the culture of sport by providing training to instill the values that build characters of students, coaches and parents know, do and value the right thing on and off the field. I believe in what they’re trying to do because a student that only has the athletic capabilities going for ’em innately doesn’t have much going for him. Xavier believes each individual should be multi-faceted which is why they pushed their athletes to not only be the best in their sport but also in the classroom as well. For student athletes, Xavier offers over a dozen intercollegiate men’s and women’s varsity sports, not to mention dozens of campus recreational sports programs and intermural or club sports, fitness and informal recreation. The balanced athletic and recreational sports program is an important educational experience. It provides excellent training for students in all departments of the university. Xavier has helped me grow into a stronger individual and leader, and as I head towards the end of my journey I plan to take what I’ve learned at Xavier and impact the world on a larger scale. Now that’s my story, back to you, Desi.

Thank you Adrian for sharing your story and showing off your skills. We can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in the next few years. Take care.

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