Athletics and Recreation

Segment #4 from Landmark College


Okay, everyone, let’s meet Gus, a student athlete from Westport, Connecticut, majoring in Communication and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Landmark has a range of competitive athletic teams, intramurals and recreational activities, cheered on by the college mascot, Finn the Shark. Gus is here to tell us how Landmark offers neurodiverse students of all athletic abilities a chance to play hard and have fun.


– Thanks, Alex. I came to Landmark College after nearly failing out of another college after being there for two years. I knew that I had non-verbal learning disorder, but I didn’t quite understand how that impacted my learning. I was in a really bad mental state and then my mom told me about Landmark College. I read about an alumnus who went to Landmark, then played baseball professionally and now he’s back as our baseball coach. Baseball has always been a huge outlet for me, and I saw Landmark as a place where I could get a college education but also revive my baseball career and see how far I can take it. Sports and recreation is a big part of campus life at Landmark College. Baseball, softball, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and cross-country athletics teams, plus a lot of intramural sports and activities. We even have a competitive eSports team. At Landmark College, anybody who wants to try out for a sports team gets to play. I like that, because a lot of us who are neurodiverse don’t get many chances to show the world what we’re talented at. For some students this might be the only time they’ll play collegiate sports, while others might go on to play somewhere else. I also love being a communications and entrepreneurial leadership major. The whole purpose is to go out and make change as a leader. I’m not great at sitting in class, but I am good at talking to people. Landmark College helps students like me hone our skills into something productive and meaningful. Everyone has their own unique experiences prior to coming to Landmark College. The more you get yourself involved in a team or a club, the more that you feel like you belong. Putting myself out there on day one was the best thing I could have done. Back to you, Alex.


– Nice pitch, Gus, thank you for showing us some of landmark’s beautiful facilities like Charles Drake Field and the Click Family Sports Center, and sharing how athletics and recreation are an integral part of the full college experience at Landmark. Here you can show your team spirit and get your game on, go Sharks.

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