The Great Outdoors

Segment #3 from Landmark College


Ivan is here to tell us about the great outdoors surrounding Landmark College’s campus in Putney, Vermont. A freshman from Los Alamos, New Mexico who is majoring in life science, Ivan finds his love of nature not only enhances his scientific pursuits, but also energizes and motivates him as he works to overcome his attention related challenges. Take it away, Ivan.


– Thanks, Alex. Growing up I always knew I had challenges, but education was always important to my family so I knew I had attend college, regardless. When I found Landmark College, I was willing to travel all the way from New Mexico to Vermont because I knew this was the place I could succeed as a college student. The beautiful surroundings of Landmark’s 125-acre campus in southern Vermont nourishes my love of the outdoors. Of course, Landmark has helped me focus on my academic weaknesses with tremendous support for my executive functions issues through the Drake Center and support staff. But I’ve also been able to build a social life and indulge my love of trail hiking and other outdoor activities. If you want to be immersed in nature there’s no better place than our campus. There’s a ropes course that offers students a super fun physical challenge and a zip line. The college also runs rafting trips during summer sessions as well as excursions for paintball and other activities. If you’re looking for winter sports, how can you beat skiing and snowboarding in Vermont? Landmark offers a variety of indoor activities and sports that I’ve also found to be fun and fulfilling, like working out in one of the two gyms on campus and shooting hoops in the Click Center. When I leave Landmark College, I’ll leave with more than just a degree and skills to manage neurodiversity. I’ll leave as a mature and educated person, ready to face all the world has to offer. Before I leave, Alex, how about a taste of Vermont with some real maple syrup?


– Sweet! Breakfast is always better with Vermont maple syrup. And thank you, Ivan, for showing us that Landmark is a college for all seasons, surrounded by natural beauty at all times of the year. The campus greenhouse and surrounding forests and brooks offer ample study opportunities, too, love it.

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