Athletics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Collegiate sports are a core part of every university. UAF boasts a Division One hockey team as well as men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, running, and skiing, volleyball, swimming, and rifle teams. UAF’s rifle team holds 10 NCAA championship victories. We’re gonna hear from Harrison, one of Nanook’s athletic star hockey players. Passing the puck to you, Harrison.


– Thanks, Alex. And hello, everyone. I’m super stoked to be here with y’all. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about playing Division One hockey. When the University of Alaska Fairbanks recruited me, I knew it was gonna be an amazing fit. I’ve been given the opportunity to achieve my goal of being a professional hockey player, as well as earn a degree in Business Administration. Here at UAF, the endless resources provided to student athletes is next to none. With extra tutoring, personal advisors, and flexible schedules, we have everything we need to succeed in our sport and the classroom. Being in Alaska gives our athletic department a unique position. We travel across the USA and play schools from all over. Just last year, our hockey team played Maine, Colorado, Arizona, and Minnesota, just to name a few. UAF also provides a great experience at home. We have a huge fan base from the town of Fairbanks who show up screaming at our home games. With all this support, it’s no wonder all our teams have so much success from men’s and women’s basketball, and cross country, to rifle, and Nordic skiing. UAF’s athletic teams are very close. Our Student Athlete Advisory Committee host events that include the entire athletic student body. Being at UAF has taught me many valuable lessons I will continue to take with me after my career here is done. After I’m done here, I hope to sign a professional hockey contract and play for as long as I can. Also, having my degree in Business Administration makes me feel confident in anything I want to do post my hockey career. I’ll always recommend other athletes, especially hockey players, to take a strong look at UAF. We’re definitely doing something special up here. Thank you for your time, and back to you, Alex.

– Thanks, Harrison. UAF student athletes are something to cheer about on the ice, court, trails, range, pool, and in the classroom. That was awesome. Thanks again. 

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