Athletics & Campus Community with Justin

Segment #5 from Western Oregon University


Let’s hear from Justin, a transfer student athlete in track and field. Western is the only public university in Oregon to provide their student athletes with opportunities to compete in NCAA Division II Athletics as part of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference. This is part of what makes Western stand out. Tell us more, Justin.

– Thanks, Alex, and hi, everyone. As a student athlete that started college before the pandemic, I’ve had a very wild ride in my college career. I transferred from the West Coast to Western to pursue my education in physical therapy while competing in track and field. Being a lifelong athlete attracted me to the competitive athletic conference Western’s a part of, but Western has also taught me critical skills, which has helped me approach situations differently. I’ve also been able to work at a Student Wellness Center, which has allowed me to experience a variety of challenges that I’ve learned and grown from. I’ve also enjoyed being surrounded by different cultural backgrounds within my team, class, and at work, which has changed all aspects of my life. Being introduced to new ideas and experiences is what Western does best is, it’s what I’ve taken a heart personally. Being a track and field athlete here has been a blessing. From amazing coaching staff, facilities, and athletic training., it has not compared to the other universities I’ve seen. Being a part of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference has given me plenty of opportunities to compete and win. Western has been everything I missed out on in my early years of college. I’m so glad I made a decision to come here. I was worried about leaving my friends and family back home, but after living in Monmouth and going to Western, I’m so proud of who I’ve become and continue to be. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Justin, thank you for showcasing the incredible opportunities student athletes have here to compete successfully and thrive academically. Your story resonates with many who seek the same opportunity to combine their love of athletic competition with academics, especially if they haven’t found what they’re looking for in a university the first time around. Thanks again.

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