Dance Program & Location with Layla

Segment #4 from Western Oregon University


Let’s hear from Layla, a junior double majoring in dance and environmental studies from Beaverton, Oregon. Western is closely connected to the community and offers many events and things to do. Western is also very focused on student engagement and support and works hard to ensure events and services are accessible to all students. This is another reason why Western is so special. Tell us more, Layla.

– Thanks, Alex. I have been dancing since I was three years old and I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue dance as a career. I mainly came to Western Oregon University for the dance program, but I’ve fallen in love with the community and the beautiful campus. Western is located in the charming town of Monmouth. I love it here because it’s a close-knit community with so much to do. One thing I enjoy doing with friends is watching the sunset near the soccer fields. It’s a really pretty and peaceful place if you want a break from everything. At the end of campus is Main Street, which is packed with cute shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and more. The local park has an amphitheater that offers numerous community events. My friends and I also go to Fall City, which is a swimming pool about 30 minutes from campus. I’m also a part of WOU Crew, which is a student leadership group that works with new students to connect them to all the resources on campus. Western does a great job creating opportunities for student success through transformative education and personalized support. Something really special about Western is how it provides students with the resources and opportunities to succeed and become leaders. I think it’s really cool how they tailor all their services to each student’s specific need, making Western accessible to everyone. I’m very thankful for everything Western has given me and I’m really looking forward to the next couple of years. Take it away, Alex.

– Layla, thank you for highlighting ways students can get involved on campus and in the community. Sounds like the WOU Crew works really hard to ensure students feel included with no shortage of things to get involved with. Your work on The WOU Crew is an important part of preserving Western’s culture and community, and we all thank you for that. Thanks again.

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