Criminal Justice Program & First-Generation Students with Max

Segment #3 from Western Oregon University


Let’s hear from Max, a junior and first generation student and criminal justice major from right here in Oregon. Western’s criminal justice program is highly regarded in the state and provides students with hands-on experience in partnership with law enforcement. Max’s involvement in the Criminal Justice Club has opened up new experiences for students, like visiting local police departments and talking to law enforcement officers. This is what makes Western so great. Max, tell us more.

– Thank you, Alex. The reason I chose to attend Western was because of its high quality Criminal Justice Program. Growing up, many of my high school teachers and professionals in the criminal justice field spoke highly of this program, and knowing I wanted to be in the field, my decision was easy. As well as being a criminal justice major, I’m also involved in the Criminal Justice Club on campus. It’s a relatively new club, but last year we visited a local police department, and this year we are planning even more excursions. Now, I promise I have a life that doesn’t just revolve around criminal justice. I actually tend to spend a lot of time here at the Health and Wellness Center. You know, just hanging out. This center holds two full-size basketball courts, an indoor track, a swimming pool, fitness classes, a gym packed full of exercise equipment, and of course a massive rock wall. I also meet with a counselor through the Student Health and Counseling Center. Meeting regularly with a counselor helps me manage daily stressors, set future goals, resolve past issues, and generally balances my mental health. Whether you’re interested in criminal justice or the great resources we have here on campus, I highly recommend coming to Western and taking a campus tour. Of course, that’s what I’m here to do, but unfortunately I’m all out of time. Thanks so much for listening and I’ll send it back to you, Alex.

– Max, your work as part of the Criminal Justice Club helps students get an up close look at the field and a sense of what it would be like to work in law enforcement. Combine that with the features of the Wellness Center and Counseling Center, students have opportunities to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Thanks again for sharing.

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