Benedictine Hallmarks with Isaiah

Segment #5 from Saint Vincent College


Here’s Isaiah. He’s from Hagerstown, Maryland and majors in communication with minors in sociology and marketing. The education and experience at SVC are built upon the 1500 year tradition of Benedictine values. These hallmarks prepare students to not only succeed, but to make a difference in the world. Isaiah, tell us more.

– Thanks, Alex, I’m a recent 2023 graduate at Saint Vincent College with a bachelor’s degree in communication. When I first arrived at Saint Vincent College, I had no idea what to expect. I did not come from a faith-based background and coming to a Catholic institution was a bit scary. Nonetheless, I kept an open mind and I had my first introduction to Benedictine Catholicism in my freshman seminar class. There are 10 Benedictine hallmarks and we had to pick one that resonated with us most and discuss how we can apply them to our daily lives. The hallmarks are love, prayer, stability, conversation, obedience, discipline, humility, stewardship, hospitality, and community. Fast forward to my senior year and I had the opportunity to experience those hallmarks firsthand. During spring break, I traveled to the country of Senegal and visited the Benedictine monks at the Abbaye du Coeur. Immediately we were greeted with the same hallmarks that I had learned about in my freshman seminar class. We were showered with love and given exceptional hospitality throughout the entire trip. This was also new to me that people that I had never met were so loving, kind, and hospitable. Father Paul SVC’s president explained to me though that this is what Benedictines do, no matter who it is. At Saint Vincent, you are interconnected with and accepted by Benedictines across the world regardless of your background. That is what it means to be a Benedictine and I would’ve never discovered this type of acceptance if I didn’t decide to come to Saint Vincent College. Now back to you, Alex.

– Isaiah, thank you so much for sharing with us the Benedictine hallmarks and how you and the Bearcat community celebrate those in, out, and beyond the classroom. It is so clear that you’re more than prepared to live a successful prosperous life, helping to build a society of shared responsibility, values, and purpose.

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