Student Life with Diana

Segment #6 from Saint Vincent College


Let’s meet Diana. She is studying international business with a double minor in Spanish and marketing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With over 50 clubs and organizations, endless leadership experiences, service learning, study abroad, and volunteer opportunities and award-winning programs, there’s something for everyone at Saint Vincent. Here’s Diana to tell us more.

– Thanks, Alex. I’ve always been involved in a lot of things outside of campus. Being involved has always been who I am and has molded me into the leader that I have become. I chose Saint Vincent because I knew I could continue my athletic career, obtain a phenomenal education and continue being a leader. I serve in two roles on our student government association, class vice president, and the chair of intramural sports. I’m a team leader for the activities programming board or a PBA student ambassador, a member of the women’s basketball team and a work study on campus. Doing all of these things while maintaining a healthy social life, getting good grades and prioritizing mental health may seem like an impossible challenge, but I’m proof that it’s not. My coaches, advisors, and professors are always here for me and checking on my progress and asking for updates with how things are going for me personally. APB has many events throughout the semester, but one of my favorites to run is SVC’s the Voice, which is a spinoff of the television show. It is the biggest event of the year and everyone on campus looks forward to it. At Saint Vincent, you have the resources to be anything you want to be and do anything you’d like to do. If there isn’t a club that you’d like to have on campus, you have the opportunity to create it. My connections in campus life have allowed me to grow as a person and a leader. It is so much more than learning the basic skills to graduate and get a job. It is about the connections you create and the memories that you make and at Saint Vincent, that connection is key. Back to you, Alex.

– Starting college sometimes can feel overwhelming, but what doesn’t have to be overwhelming is how you get involved in campus and student life. Thank you for sharing the opportunities Bearcats have to get involved from athletics, to clubs, to intramurals to different committees and associations and how the faculty and staff at SVC support you in everything you want to do. Thanks again.

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