Ministry with Dom

Segment #7 from Saint Vincent College


Meet Dom, hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dom is majoring in theology and communication. At Saint Vincent, people pause to consider the kinder response. To extend a helping hand, students are supported to seek a higher purpose and listen to the call that is meant only for them. Dom will share more.

– Thanks Alex. Hey guys. I’ve always wanted to help and serve others, but I didn’t know how to until I was a senior in high school when I attended a church camp. I felt called to serve others and Saint Vincent became the place that would afford me the opportunity over and over again to do that. I also wanted a school that offered a theology major and Saint Vincent’s program and faculty stood out. I’m thrilled to be part of a community of so many great people. I mean, who knew that some of my closest friends and professors would be monks? Saint Vincent College has taught me that people change people and the impact on others can pay dividends. The programs and ministry on campus have provided me opportunities not only to serve others, but also to go to Alaska and to Rome for campus ministry pilgrimage trips. As a work study and assistant for masses, I’m applying what I learned as a theology major while also supporting the spiritual wellbeing of others. ROTC is also a big part of my experience at Saint Vincent College. I serve in the Army National Guard, so finding a school that offers ROTC was a must. Being a prefect like a resident assistant, allows me to support and mentor other students living on campus. Also, as a prefect, my room board is covered. It’s a great resident builder. Coming to Saint Vincent has supported my vocation to nurture people. I wanna help as many people as possible and change the world as best I can. Saint Vincent College has given me the foundation to understand the gravity of my calling. Take it away Alex.

– Thank you for sharing your story with us and speaking from the heart Dom. Saint Vincent College is really a place that focuses on growing and educating the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Being able to attend a college that supports your spiritual growth regardless of religious background, vocation, or calling is such a special experience.

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