Biology to Oncology with Dominique

Segment #3 from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges


Say hello to Dominique, a first-year student in the Biology Transfer Major Program. As a fully accredited college, EICC students can easily transfer anywhere. Plus, they have detailed transfer agreements with over 30 colleges and universities. Let’s hear more about the benefits of starting a bachelor’s degree at EICC and the ease of transfer planning. Dominique, the floor is yours.

– Hey, Alex. After high school, I knew I wanted to earn my four-year degree, go to med school and become an oncologist, but staying close to family was important for me. From the get-go, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges was the right fit with their close location, established transfer programs and student support. I have always wanted to help others and becoming a doctor is one of the best ways for me to do that. When I was younger, I lost my mother to cancer. Becoming an oncologist is my way of honoring her memory and being a resource for others going through the same thing. I started my EICC education in the Biology Transfer Major because of the strong foundation. The credits and courses are all prearranged, making transfer easy. Knowing that I’m taking classes integral to my major and finishing my Gen Eds has given me confidence. I’ve taken two chemistry courses and general biology, which play a pivotal role in oncology. I’m learning about the functions of the human body and some of the causes and preventions of cancers. My professors always make time to work with me if I have questions. It’s a breath of fresh air when you’re overwhelmed. There are resources outside the classroom too. Free tutoring, both online and in person, has helped me out multiple times, and scholarships bring down the cost of tuition. I’ll be in school for a while, so starting my education here is saving thousands. Talk about long-term benefits. With my Associate’s Degree in Biology, I plan to transfer to the University of Iowa, attend medical school and continue my journey to be an oncologist. None of this would be possible without EICC, and everything I learn here will be vital to my success. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Dominique, your drive to honor your late mother and make a difference as a doctor is inspiring. 8,000 students enroll in EICC’s transfer programs annually, and last year graduates successfully transferred to nearly 50 different colleges and universities. EICC makes transferring seamless and worry free. We are all wishing you the very best, Dominique. Thanks again.

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