The Heart of Healthcare with Grace

Segment #4 from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges


Let’s all welcome Grace. She’s in her second year of EICC’s 24-month Nursing program. That’s right. In just two years, EICC Nursing students can graduate, take the NCLEX national exam and start working as a licensed RN. Grace believes community college education is a smart investment, one that is giving her the skills to provide life-saving care. Take it away, Grace.

– Thanks, Alex. Growing up, I aspired to pursue a career in healthcare like my parents, but my true calling became evident when I watched my father heroically saving a woman’s life after a car accident. After that surreal moment, I knew that I wanted to be able to jump into action just like he did. As I wrap up my final semester in EICC’s Nursing program, I appreciate the advantages of choosing a two-year program. Staying debt free is a game changer. Affordable tuition, living at home, and scholarships have made my education financially stress free. I appreciate the incredible support from instructors and fellow students. They’ve become a second family. My instructors have years of experience in various specialties in treating patients from all backgrounds. They’re committed to our success, and shaping us into skilled, compassionate, and ethical professionals. EICC invests heavily in its healthcare programs and opened a new health sciences center and career advancement centers. I build my skills using the latest technology, including patient simulators, and feel prepared for real challenges I’ll face in my career. Local hospitals and clinics recognize the quality of EICC graduates and seek us out to join their workforce. In fact, over 350 students graduate from EICC healthcare programs each year, most of which are now staffing local hospitals and clinics. Another aspect of EICC that I value is the TRIO program and the tutoring, workshops, academic guidance, and job prep the program provides. TRIO offers essential support to students with learning challenges, like me, as we navigate college and plan our careers. EICC is making my next steps after graduation easy too. Through its partnership with the University of Iowa, I’ll continue my education in the university’s one-year RN to BSN online program. EICC is an awesome stepping stone on my path to becoming a nurse. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex.

– Wow, Grace. Those brand new labs with patient simulators and the latest tech are impressive. EICC recently dedicated $40 million to career and technical education facilities, made possible through the support of voters. Healthcare programs housed in the new spaces also include surgical technology, dental assisting, medical assisting, CNA, phlebotomy, radiology technology, and sonography. You’re gonna make a great nurse, Grace. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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