Growth on the Green with Jordan

Segment #5 from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges


It’s time to meet Jordan, an EICC Agriculture student who is turning his favorite pastime into a profession. From the greenhouse to the golf course, the skills he’s learning in the classroom are immediately put into practice. EICC’s Ag programs have a nearly a hundred percent career placement rate, and you are about to see why. Let’s tee it off, Jordan.

– Thanks for the introduction, Alex. Growing up, I never truly knew what I wanted to be. Every time someone would ask, my answer would change, but finally I had a choice to make, and my love of golf led me to the Horticulture program at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. Now I’m turning my passion into a career choice. I never knew how many job opportunities were in the turf management field until I got to EICC. With instructors who’ve worked in the industry, career fairs, and hands-on classes, I’ve expanded my knowledge in all areas of agriculture. Plant identification is my favorite class. There’s just so much to learn. Soon I’ll be able to identify 150 plants. That knowledge will be put straight to work with EICC’s paid internships, which are built into the curriculum. Getting out on the golf course and physically demonstrating the skills we learned in class has been a key to my success. Many people learn differently, and the instructors ensure that you’re successful. As President of the Horticulture Club and an RA in student housing, I’m able to connect with my peers and plan campus activities too. What I love most about EICC is the family-like atmosphere. The student services staff is always putting on cool events and grilling out. Plus, the teaching staff is always available to help you in and out of the classroom. The Ag programs have been going strong for 50 years, and it shows. The diversification of learning and partnerships with local employers is amazing. The next step for me is entering the workforce, which I am beyond excited for. With the knowledge I’ve gained in the classroom and through my internship, I now feel I have the tools necessary to be successful in my next adventures. Well, it’s time for me to tee it up, Alex, so I’ll pitch it back to you.

– Nice swing, Jordan. Very impressive. You are a great ambassador for EICC. We love that the Ag programs here provide up to four paid internships, talk about building your resume and making connections. I hope to see you maintaining the golf course real soon, Jordan. Thanks again.

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