Campus Life

Segment #3 from Lamar University


It’s time to meet a southeast Texas native. Emily is a freshman at Lamar, majoring in history with the hopes of becoming a teacher. She is excited to talk to us about the amazing experience she has had living on campus and how it has made a positive impact on her overall college experience. Let’s go Emily.

Thank you, Alex. What’s up everyone? As a kid, I always talked about becoming a teacher like it was a certainty in my future and now I’m making my younger self proud by following my dreams here at Lamar University. Being able to live on campus I’ve gotten to experience college life closer than ever by living in one of the residents halls in Cardinal Village. By attending several events led by the resident assistants who live in my hall, I’ve gotten closer to my roommate and my neighbors. Living on campus, I often eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Brook Shivers dining hall. The dining hall has become a place for me to hang out with friends or have family dinner with my brothers who also attend Lamar University. You definitely get the full college experience with places like Starbucks, Smoothie King and everyone’s favorite, Chick-fil-A. The resident halls feel like a second home to me. The communal rooms are so cozy and we even get our own bathroom to share with our roommate. Getting to sleep in my own bedroom has been amazing as well. Along with the events hosted by the Cardinal Village residence halls, we also have our own pool so you can cool down in these high Texas temperatures. Being able to live at Lamar has brought me so close to life on campus and I’ve been really enjoying all the dining options that are here as well. It allows me to stay connected with friends and really enjoy my time here at the residence halls. Well, that’s all I’ve got, back to you, Alex.

Awesome job, Emily, you’re a great ambassador for campus life. I love that there’s such an at home atmosphere here at Lamar and your dorm room was rocking. Thanks again, Emily, for sharing your space with us. 

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