Transfer Experience

Segment #2 from Lamar University


Okay everyone, it’s time to meet a Houstonian turned southeast Texan. Jay is a music major from Houston. He’s excited to talk to us about the amazing experience being a transfer student and all the resources Lamar can offer, making that process easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Let’s go Jay.

Thanks Alex. Hi everyone. My journey to becoming a Cardinal was a little non-traditional. I initially started college at a school in Louisiana but I decided to transfer because I wanted a school that showcased the passion for fine arts and had a diverse student population. I chose Lamar because it was not too close to home and also not too far away. When I transferred to Lamar, I applied the conventional way and it was a seamless and easy transition throughout. I was able to schedule a tour through the welcome center where an LU crew member was able to show me resources across campus like the financial aid office, the undergraduate advising center, and everyone’s favorite, the Setzer student center. Being a transfer student can sometimes make you feel like an outsider, but everyone at Lamar University has been kind and welcoming which makes it easy to make new friends. One thing that helped ease the transition was getting involved on campus, like joining marching band also known as the Showcase of Southeast Texas. One thing I’ve realized about college is that the connections you make can take you very far in life and I’m very fortunate that I have met some great people here within the past few years. It also never hurts to go up to someone and say hi. You never know where it may lead. Being a transfer student wasn’t originally part of my big plan, but it has since become the best decision I could have made. My time at Lamar has been an experience of a lifetime. I have made so many friends and connections that will last me forever. In the meantime, back to you Alex.

Awesome job Jay, you’re a great ambassador for Lamar. I love that Lamar University is working to recruit and retain more great students like you and I can’t wait to come back and visit and see all that you have accomplished. That was excellent. 

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