History and Community

Segment #1 from Lamar University


Okay, everyone, let’s head over to meet up with Allaina. Allaina is a senior from Houston majoring in industrial engineering. Allaina can’t wait to tell us about Lamar University’s connection to the local community and it’s rich history. Allaina, we have questions and you have answers. Please take it away.

Thank you so much, Alex. When I was a senior in high school, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to attend college but I knew I wanted to be an engineer and continue my dance career somewhere that felt like home. Lamar University in the southeast Texas community is what makes my experience here so special. This campus is truly a boom town of knowledge. Lamar has given me so many opportunities from three years on the dance team, working as a campus tour guide and studying industrial engineering, there is so much to be celebrated at Lamar University. The tight-knit community of friends, mentors, and professors is built on a long-standing tradition of excellence and collaborative partnerships. Lamar University has proudly served the southeast Texas community now for 100 years. Beaumont earned its place on the map in 1901 when the Lucas Oil gusher struck one of the largest underground sources of oil in the US at the time. As Beaumont grew into a bustling community of families, education became a strong priority. In 1923, South Park Junior College was established. Over the years, the college transformed from Lamar College to Lamar State College of Technology, focusing on engineering and science. Its growth and reputation have continued hand in hand with numerous campus expansion and a flourishing, pride filled student base. Uniquely positioned in the energy quarter of Texas, LU excels in educating future engineers, business owners, teachers, performers, and researchers just like myself. I’m so thankful I will be graduating from Lamar University with not only a bachelor’s degree but with excellence. I have gained so much experience here where once they were producing oil and now we are producing graduates to sustain and flourish throughout our communities. Back to you, Alex.

Allaina, that was awesome. It’s so fun to hear about the collaborative environment that truly allows students to create lasting friendships and relationships with one another. Fostering these connections across the community really allows Lamar students to have an immersive campus experience. Thanks so much, Allaina.

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