Campus Life with Israel

Segment #6 from Northeastern Junior College


Let’s meet Israel, coming from Brush, Colorado, who is studying psychology and theater. NJC offers many transfer programs like these to four-year universities, allowing students to start their college studies at a much lower cost with smaller classes and personal attention. Israel makes sure that students enjoy comradery and remarkable experiences along with their studies. Tell us more, Israel.

– Appreciate it, Alex, and hello, everyone. I was one of those people uncertain about attending college at all. But after taking a tour of NJC and talking to some advisors, I committed to my education. While NJC is a small campus, it’s a big community. The options for activities are abundant and diverse. I have done so many great activities on and around campus. I have taken advantage of many opportunities to explore the scenic wonders of Colorado. I have made friends from Russia, Switzerland, Brazil, and beyond. I’m building my future academically and socially here at NJC. I recall arriving at NJC, strolling through decorated hallways with a personalized name tag on my resident hall door. The warm greetings and generous smiles from fellow students and staff members made me feel truly welcomed. The small class sizes compliments the fun stuff I mentioned, and the low cost will help me avoid student debt. I’m not sure I’ll recognize the person who was so unsure about college or what to study just a year ago. I committed to my education, and now I am on a journey that will lead me to my future career. I’m growing through my experiences every day at NJC as well as making lifelong friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. That’s why I chose to be a Plainsman. Handing it back to you, Alex.

– Thank you, Israel. It sounds like you are quite the resident advisor, and we know you make NJC a fantastic place for students to live and study. Thanks again.

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