Campus Life with Kylee

Segment #9 from Roanoke College


It’s time to meet Kylee, a junior involved in multiple areas on campus, such as the volleyball team, intramurals, on campus jobs, and more. Roanoke has over 140 clubs and organizations, 27 varsity and club teams, eight fraternities and sororities, and five religious groups. There really is something for everyone at Roanoke College. Kylee, you are up.

– Thanks so much, Alex. Hi, everyone. The reason I came to Roanoke College was to play on the women’s volleyball team that initially got me on campus, but once I was here and met the people and experienced the atmosphere, I just knew there was more to love than volleyball. The spirit on campus is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I love Friday Night on the Quad, Pack the MAQ and Maroon Madness. These events offer live music, sports, and other activities like ax throwing, bull riding, corn hole, and line dancing. In addition to events, there are over 140 clubs which provide opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest. I’m in multiple clubs like intramurals and Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and I have three on-campus jobs. I work as a Maroon ambassador, group fitness instructor, and as an athletic department employee. There are plenty of job opportunities on campus, so finding one that matches your passion is easy. Through clubs and jobs, I have met amazing people and taken on new adventures. Roanoke offers endless opportunities to get involved and blossom. Our campus is a close-knit community, so it’s become second nature to acknowledge each other with a simple wave or a smile. Our professors are part of that community as well, so I love getting to see them when they’re at my games or simply when they ask me about my life and education At Reynold College is more than just assignments and exams. It’s about becoming a part of a community and thriving outside of the classroom. Roanoke College has equipped me with valuable life lessons that has prepared me for the future. With one year left until graduation, I feel ready to take on any challenge. Thank you for letting me share my Roanoke College experience. Back to you, Alex.

– Great job, Kylee. The ability to build community is at the core of student life. One of the best things about Roanoke is that students love to be on campus and take part in campus activities. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, Kylee. Take care.

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