Diversity Equity and Inclusion on Campus with Roge

Segment #10 from Roanoke College


Let’s meet Roge, who recently graduated from Roanoke College as a double major in business administration and Spanish. His story is truly inspirational. Born in Guatemala and raised in Roanoke, he’ll tell us more about how Roanoke values diversity as a key part of building a kind community that every student thrives in. Take it away, Roge.

– Gracias, Alex. Hello, everyone. As a first generation Latino, born in Guatemala and raised in Roanoke, I dreamed of studying in college, but thought that was impossible for me. Roanoke College gave me the opportunity to chase my dream. Their faith in me not only allowed me to continue my education, but also reaffirm my belief in myself and my abilities. When I arrived at Roanoke College, I felt a call to leave a legacy focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. I joined campus club focused on diversity and work with the Office of Multicultural Affair. Winning the Garren Excellence and Diversity Award in 2023 confirmed that my effort did make a difference and fueled my determination to create a campus where everyone felt valued and respected. I worked to break down barrier advocate for change and create inclusive spaces where diverse voices could thrive. I’m grateful for the opportunity Roanoke College provided me and confident that this legacy of empowerment and the inclusivity will continue to shape this campus for years to come. Roanoke College is committed to equity and inclusion. It promotes diversity in social justice by allocating resource to support underrepresented students. I believe that a college education goes beyond job skills. It’s about embracing the unique contribution of every individual in our community. At Roanoke College, we are not alone on campus, we are a catalyst for change. It all begins in believing in yourself and being the voice of transformation.

– Thank you, Roge, for emphasizing Roanoke dedication to improving the quality of life for students of multicultural backgrounds and through a more welcoming and comforting environment, helping them excel academically and socially. You are an inspiration and your legacy will continue to shape this campus for years to come. We appreciate you, Roge.

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