Campus Ministry & Business

Segment #8 from Saint Peter's University


Okay, everyone, let’s meet Rodolfo. He is a business management major here at St. Peter’s, and he’s gonna talk to us about the opportunities he’s received here at St. Peter’s University. Okay, Rodolfo, it’s all yours, take it away.


– Thank you for the introduction, Alex. Hi, everyone. Education is very important to me, so I knew my next step after high school was college. I seriously came to St. Peter’s University and raved about the business department. St. Peter’s is known for business, with its MBA program in Business Administration being ranked among the top three in New Jersey. So, I knew it would be the perfect fit. I currently have a year-long internship offered by The Center for Career Engagement Experiential Learning or CEEL. At CEEL, they shape you to become a professional in this competitive marketplace. This was the first time this internship was offered at the university, so why not take on the challenge? Outside of business, I’ve become heavily involved in campus ministry. Campus ministry is a comforting place for several reasons. You’re able to go there to do homework, talk to the campus minister, and meet new friends. There are tons of community service opportunities available. You can organize a clothes closet and help out the food pantry. They also offer retreats. I was fortunate enough to take part in two of them. The point of these retreats is to temporarily disconnect from your surroundings, and spend time with others seeking the same thing you are. We have fun activities, improve our spirituality, and foster everlasting friendships. St. Peter’s has helped me help others, and score an internship at a Fortune 500 company. New York Life, here in Jersey City. I’m interning as a junior analyst, performing data analysis, gathering data for financial reporting and assistant with repetitive procurement activities, With original opportunities offered for growth and development, it’s your choice what you want to do at SPU. Bye, everyone. Thank you, Alex, and throwing it back to you.


– Rodolfo, thank you for taking us through your experience as a student here at SPU. Your story about getting involved in campus ministry and connecting with others through several retreats is absolutely phenomenal. A big congrats on all your accomplishments, thanks again, Rodolfo.

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